A Close Look at the Industry’s Leading Software

Today, there are a number of software programs that play an enormous role in the processes that go into modern structural engineering. At e2 engineers, we are proud to make use of industry-leading software in our mission to provide the most advanced and efficient structural engineering services possible. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the six software programs that we use most here at e2 engineers to provide you with insight into our cutting-edge approach to structural design.

Revit Structure

Revit Structure is a structural design software that enables our engineers to create many useful models. Types include 3D concrete reinforcement models outlining rebar bending schedules, design-to-steel workflows that detail steel connections, structural analysis models that analyze a structure’s integrity, design documentation tools that help easily create accurate and detailed documentation of a structure, and more. This useful software is one of the most important tools that structural engineers have available today and is regularly relied on here at e2 engineers.


AutoCad is a computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software that was first released in 1982. Although it may have been around for almost three decades, AutoCad remains one of the most used software applications in the engineering industry.

It’s a versatile software that enables engineers to create detailed 2D and 3D models and is used for everything from product to structural design. At e2 engineers, we use AutoCad to create both 2D and 3D blueprints of a build’s design that are incredibly accurate, making it easy to pinpoint any potential issues with a structure.


RISAFloor is a software application built for modeling and designing concrete floors of commercial buildings. When it comes to designing a structurally sound building, few details are more important than the concrete footing that supports the building’s weight. By first designing the floor in RISAFloor, our engineers can access a detailed analysis of the floor’s integrity that includes crucial details such as optimization of rebar, punching shear and detailing requirements, cracked section properties, elastic deflection analysis, and more. Thanks to this software’s effectiveness, the e2 engineers team can guarantee that the concrete slab we design for a structure can fully support the load of the building resting on it.


As the name suggests, WoodWorks is a CAD software explicitly built to design and analyze wooden structures. At e2 engineers, we can help our clients create and build a wide range of facilities, including those made of steel and concrete as well as structures made primarily out of wood.

When working with wooden structures, though, WoodWorks is a tool that we make extensive use of. This software allows us to design a wooden build within its environment, then thoroughly analyze the structure for any issues with its integrity. It’s a must-have tool for creating wooden structures and one that helps us ensure that the wooden buildings we design are always structurally sound.

Risa 3D

Risa 3D is well-rounded CAD software that can be used to model and analyze a wide range of structures from steel to masonry structures to wooden ones and everything in-between. It’s a very intuitive and easy-to-use software that makes modeling a structure much quicker and easier than most CAD programs. It’s also a software that provides a detailed analysis of a structure’s design and allows our engineers to quickly create a comprehensive report that includes both graphical and numerical results.


It may be useful to think of the Tedds software as a powerful calculator designed specifically for structural engineers. Before this software, engineers were required to make many complex calculations by hand when designing a building. Tedds, however, automates the vast majority of these calculations, speeding up the design process and helping eliminate hand-calculated errors. The massive library of structural engineering calculations found in the Tedds software enables our engineers to automate what is an otherwise tedious process while ensuring accurate results each and every time.

e2 engineers Bring an Advanced Approach to Your Structural Design Projects

At e2 engineers, we are proud to use the latest and most effective software in the structural engineering industry to ensure our design process is as efficient and effective as possible. If you would like to work with a team of expert engineers making use of the most advanced tools on the market today for your next structural design project, we look forward to being at your service! To learn more about our industry-leading structural design services and the proven design process we employ, contact us today.