Buffalo Avenue Building - Brooklyn, NY

Architect SBLM Architects

Address 170 Buffalo Ave, NY

Structural engineering design for exterior facade renovations and interior alterations to an existing seven(7) story building.


Existing Two-Way Concrete Slab: Primary structural framing system for the existing building is a concrete two-way flat slab. e2 engineers worked with Fyfe to design new FRP carbon fiber reinforcing to strengthen areas of the existing slabs for new loads and to reinforcing areas of existing slab with new openings. e2 engineers designed new fabricated steel brackets to increase the shear capacity of the existing two-way slab at the columns.

Buffalo Avenue Building Structural Design


Facade : e2 engineers designed the new light gage metal framing facade for the entire building. The existing masonry facade was proposed to be removed and replaced due to severe deterioration. The new facade framing designed by e2 engineering included all the light gage metal framing members, connections to the existing structure, and details.

Roof Dunnage : e2 engineers designed modification to existing steel dunnage and new structural steel dunnage as required for proposed mechanical systems.