Branford, CT Residence Design

Architect CK Architects

Project Cost Not Disclosed

Address Branford, CT


Site located within VE Flood Zone in Branford, CT which requires the areas of building below base flood elevation be designed to allow for water to pass through as well as sustain breaking wave forces. Foundations in these type of flood zones are required to be deep foundations and foundation walls are not allowed.

Compliant Design
VE Flood Zone

Drilled Concrete Piers Rock-Socketed Below



e2 engineers was able to design new concrete pier foundations that are rock-socketed to the bedrock formations below. Because the project lies within a VE Flood Zone, the foundations had to be designed for wave velocity pressure plus breaking wave forces. The structure above the concrete piers is a ring of structure steel where the steel and wood-framed house is thereby connected. The structure above was designed to resist the lateral pressures associated with the wind exposure for the site.