Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Architect Centerbrook Architects

Project Cost $75M

Address Cold Spring Harbor, NY

New addition to existing laboratory on campus of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island. The $75M project includes the existing structure being a renovate-as-new building where all finishes, electrical and mechanical equipment will be replaced. The renovation project, designed by Centerbrook Architects & Planners, completely updates the interior and exterior of Demerec, a mid-century modern laboratory that has housed four Nobel Laureates. Demerec will be home to the new Center for Therapeutics Research, which will foster advancements already underway in breast cancer, leukemia, autism, obesity/diabetes and lung cancer therapeutics.

The Challenge

The existing structures are cast-in-place concrete two-way slab structures supported by concrete columns with shallow floor-to-floor heights. The new addition was required to match the existing floor to floor heights of the existing building while maintaining structural systems that were shallow enough to accomodate the extensive mechanical and electrical systems necessary for a research laboratory. Furthermore, numerous large holes in the two-way slab system were necessary to install new elevators and duct penetrations.


Additions and Renovate-As-New Project

use of FRP around new openings in
two-way flat slabs


The structural systems for the new addition is a structural steel frame with shallow framing members supporting a composite concrete slab on metal deck. To accomodate the new openings in the two-way flat slab, the Enginer utilized structural steel framing where permissible but where no additional depth in structure could be accomodated, the Engineer strengthened the concrete slab around the openings with Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP.)