Francis Walsh Intermediate School - Branford, CT

Architect Antinozzi Associates

Address Branford, CT

e2 engineers is the Structural Engineer of Record (SER) for the Additions and Renovations to the Francis Walsh Intermediate School located in Branford, Connecticut. The project entails demolition of the classroom portions of the existing structure while maintaining 52,000+ s.f. of the existing common space area(s.) The bulk of the existing structure to remain is a proprietary space-framed structure completed in the 1960’s. Careful consideration of new loading(s) on the existing roof have been part of the analysis and design of the renovations.


One of the primary challenges with renovating the existing building that was to remain, was analyzing the existing proprietary steel space-frame structure. The existing building was framed with structural steel trusses supporting light gage steel space frames designed and manufactured by Butler Building Systems. Very little information was available at the time of e2’s work about the proprietary system and portions of the roof were required to be strengthened due to increased loading.

Francis Walsh Intermediate School - Branford CT

Additions and Renovations



After documenting the entire space frame system, e2 determined that NO additional load could be carried by the existing roof framing. As such, the Engineer designed a new structural steel framing system that supplemented the existing roof trusses and allowed the existing roof to be strengthened without altering the space frame system.