Grace Episcopal Church Design - Providence, RI

Architect Centerbrook Architects + Planners

Project Cost Not Discloded

Address Providence, RI


New Parish Hall Addition in Providence, RI required “shoe-horning” new space between existing stone masonry cathedral and existing brick masonry building. One of the main challenges for the addition was to link the upper floors of the existing congregation offices to the new egress stair at the rear of the addition. A structural steel frame was chosen for several reasons, including lessening the weight of the proposed stair that would abut the existing granite masonry building. Finally, during construction, it was discovered that the former movie theater that was demolished decades ago was basically buried with the hold of existing foundations of the old theater.

Mat Slab

New Structural
Steel Stair Tower

New Structure
Steel Bents


New foundations needed to be redesigned to adequately support the proposed addition atop the soils and debris below. The existing building materials were removed and replaced with compacted fill. The site was then proof-rolled and a new mat slab foundation was designed in order to mitigate differential settlement issues. The Parish hall portion of the addition was designed using structural steel bent moment frames to support the roof and glass walls that will allow the new addition to be vaulted and full of natural light.