Private Residence - Madison, CT

Architect CK Architects

Sited in a coastal AE flood zone, this house (and outbuildings,) were designed for VE flood zone forces per FEMA requirements. Per geotechnical engineering requirements, we chose to use spread footings tied to grade beams to scour-free levels as a means to control costs vs. driving deep foundations.


House is sited in a Coastal AE Flood zone meaning the foundations can only be vertical elements down to unscourable soils to resist breaking wave and other hydro. Furthermore, any wall segments used below the base flood elevation are required to be breakaway walls.

Coastal AE Flood Zone

Piers down below scour

Structural Steel Framing for Lateral Systems


e2 was able to design concrete piers and grade beams founded deep below the scour line on firm soils that conform to the recommendations of FEMA for Coastal AE Flood Zones without the expense of deep foundations.