Tango House Private Residence - Greenwich, CT

Architect Carol Kurth Architecture

Project Cost $16M

Address Greenwich, CT

17,000 s.f. modern house situated in the woods of Greenwich, Connecticut. Structural highlights include intricate framing schematics to keep the relative depth of framing linear without any soffits. On the second floor, an open dance studio with stringent deflection and vibration control was designed per request of the Owner. Other highlights include open stair structures and multiple levels of flat roofing with some areas to house planting beds. Finally, an indoor pool was constructed in the basement.


Large open spans with shallow floor framing depths were the request by the Architect and Owner. Furthermore, the second floor dance studio was above the open area below so vibrations and deflections were a major concern.

Tango House Structural Wood Framing



2nd Floor Dance Studio and Indoor Pool


The second floor framing was designed to have a maximum structure depth of 12″ all the while mainaining elevated standards from building code minimum requirements. Furthermore, the floor framing for the dance studio was designed for 100 psf and minimal vibrations.