Private Residence - Madison, CT

Architect CK Architects

Once again, this house was located in a coastal AE flood zone which predicated the structure be designed per VE flood zone methodology. The foundations are drilled concrete piers fastened to existing bedrock which was down about 8’ from existing grades. Significant dewatering of the site was required as well as a coordinated effort with tidal levels. The framing above is a mix of wood-framing and structural steel. The entire “platform” of the house sits atop a ring of structural steel. The framing above is a mix of wood-framing and structural steel.  Finally, extensive breakaway wall designs were employed to deliver the look requested by the client.


House is sited in a VE Flood zone meaning the foundations can only be vertical elements down to unscourable soils to resist breaking wave and other hydro. Furthermore, any wall segments used below the base flood elevation are required to be breakaway walls.

Zoufaly Private Residence Coastal Construction

VE Flood Zone

Drilled Piers
to Rock



The geotechical engineering for the project determined bedrock formations were close to the surface of the site. Given that, e2 chose cast-in-place concrete piers drilled and pinned to the rock formations below were the prudent choice for foundations. The structure above is supported by a ring of sructural steel framing that is anchored to the drilled piers above the base flood elevation. All of the walls below the base flood elevation are maosnry breakaway walls.