United Community Family Services - Griswold, CT

Architect Point One Architects

Address Griswold, CT

Structural engineering design for new 16,0000 sf medical office building in Griswold, CT for the United Community Family Services (UCFS) organization.

The Challenge

New foundation were design in accordance with the geotechnical report. Foundations where shallow spread footing cast-in-place concrete foundation. The main floor of the building was a cast-in-place concrete slab-on-ground. There building included a new elevator with cast-in-place concrete pit.

The Solution

New structural steel superstructure. Second floor of the building is cast-in-place concrete on metal composite deck and composite structural steel beams. The roof of the building was metal roof deck on open web steel joists and structural steel girders. The roof was design to support the additional wind loads from the roof mechanical equipment sound screens. New structural steel entry canopy and stair lobby was designed with AESS structural steel coordinate with the architect to achieve an exposed steel frame canopy and entry stair lobby.