U-Haul Storage Facility - Groton, CT

Architect UHaul

Project Cost Undisclosed

Address Groton, CT

This project is currently under development.


National Client approached e2 engineers about designing 93,000 s.f., five-story, structural steel framed storage facility building in Groton, CT. Two floor areas were designated as “super-bays” meaning the floors are double-height spaces that can store 2 vertical layers of storage units.

U-Haul Storage Facility - Groton CT

Sq. Ft.

5 Story

Structural Steel Frame

< 1 month

Design Time!


Design schedule was incredibly aggressive; e2 was as requested to design a five-story steel structure within a two week time frame so the General Contractor could not only secure pricing but also a steel mill order to keep the project time-line intact. The project was sent for building permit in less than a month of design time.