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Chad Vogt, P.E.


Chad has over 20 years of experience providing consulting engineering services for private and public clients. He merged his independent structural engineering firm with e2 engineers in 2010, looking to offer his expert knowledge to a growing practice. Chad strives to find cost-effective solutions for his clients, many of whom rely on him for on-call or expert witness services. As Principal, Chad works closely with each member of the e2 team to ensure a collaborative and creative problem-solving environment.



Chad Vogt, P.E.
As trends continuously change, modular homes have grown increasingly popular. However, when searching for homes, if you don’t know what to look for...
Chad Vogt, P.E.
No matter what type of structure you are creating, it’s crucial to get the foundation right. There is a wide range of foundations to choose from...
Chad Vogt, P.E.
Structural engineers are tasked with a number of important responsibilities, and one of the most critical is choosing the right foundation for the building they are designing.

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“THA has worked with e2 engineers since 2015 and will call upon their services no matter the geographic location. We continually rely on their ingenuity, quality, and accessibility. Chad is responsive and always a pleasure to work with.”
Matthew Townes
Principal, Thomas Hamilton & Associates