Abbie Bergested

Abbie is new to the e2 team. As a new graduate, she is eager to learn and grow as an engineer from her coworkers. She is grateful and honored to be a part of a company who pushes learning and collaboration throughout every project.

Corey Hollman

Corey began his career in Hamden, Connecticut where he worked for a multi-discipline engineering firm in the structural engineering department for several years. He then moved to another structural engineering firm in Branford, Connecticut before coming to e2 engineers in 2020. Corey has worked on a wide variety of residential, commercial, and educational projects and has developed expertise in a wide variety of structural analysis software as well as with drafting software Revit and AutoCAD.

Jessica Dos Santos

Jessica started her career as a building enclosure engineer in Glastonbury, CT doing a lot of work with historic preservation. She worked mostly on roof design on existing structures, ranging from courthouses to university buildings. Through her experience she learned about the design-build process, from the evaluation to construction phase services.

Andrew Podojil

Andrew began his career at General Dynamics Electric Boat in New London, Connecticut. Through his experience, Andrew has developed a keen appreciation for the investigative side to design and assessment of existing structures and the importance of active involvement on-site to the success of any project. His meticulous attention to detail is exemplified in his variance of innovative contributions to e2.

Anne Luner

As the Finance Director, Anne handles the billing and in-house accounting for e2. She is focused, organized, and keeps e2 on track. She is specific, consistent and detailed while maintaining a great energy and personality that complements the team.  Have a financial question? Anne at e2 will find the answer.

Timothy Manchester

Tim is the newest member of the e2 team. Tim is a reserved, openminded, and intuitive member of our team. Tim is known for his relatable character and demeanor. With his love for math and his desire to learn, Tim is a perfect fit with the e2 team. He is comfortable setting his boundaries and will always complete his work with the best interest of safety and structural soundness in mind.

Geoff Sandberg


Geoff’s experience and proficiency grants him a level of mastery that sets him apart from other engineers. His fast paced energetic personality overflows into his work allowing him to complete projects quicker than most. Geoff is driven and reliable. When he sets a goal, it gets done. He understands the importance of each project and sets the pace to help the team achieve success for their clients.

Tiffany Cartier


Tiffany is strong, intelligent, and has no time for distractions. She takes pride in her work and makes sure that what she does can be easily repeated by those who come behind her. She loves the challenge of starting a new project from scratch, and the opportunity to  improve her skills, which in turn brings value to clients. She thrives in an ever changing environment, yet relies on the consistency her husband and two dogs provide when home.

Kate MacDougall


Kate’s energy is infectious. She is spontaneous, fun, and great to be around. Her smart, strong, and sentimental personality brings out the best in those she works with. Always willing to help others out, Kate takes pride in her work and strives to reach new levels of quality. She exceeds project timeline expectations, proving to be a valuable asset for the team, and the project as a whole. Her ultimate goal in life is to be happy in the present while excited for the future.

Scott Erricson

Scott is driven by challenge. He is always striving to be better and do more. As a self-proclaimed “anti-engineer engineer” his creativity in structural solutions is unparalleled, refreshing, and highly valuable.  Scott is down to earth, and a straight shooter that always delivers when he commits. Consequently, he is very good at client relations, and gets high praise from those he has worked with. Scott is excited to help bring up the next generation of creative and disciplined structural engineers.