Understand. Design. Construct.

We help you explore your options, make informed decisions, and realize your vision. To do this, our structural engineering services fall into three categories: Understand, Design, and Construct. From big-picture concerns like “which approach is the most economical,” to nitty-gritty details like “which fastener is best for this attachment,” you can count on us to be proactive, response, and fully committed to getting your structure off the paper and into reality.


Load Ratings & Condition Assessments

If your project involves an existing building, you need to know what you’re starting with. We can help by conducting condition surveys, forensic investigations, or live load analyses, and by providing as-built drawings or conceptual repair plans.

Feasibility Studies & Code Reviews

You have a dream and a budget. A feasibility study and code review are the next steps towards reconciling these realities. For new or existing buildings, we will determine basis-of-design criteria and assist with a cost-benefit analysis of potential structural systems.

On-Call, House Doctor, & Facility Maintenance

If you have a large building or multiple buildings requiring phased work or long-term attention, there are many benefits to relying on a single structural engineering firm. Simple or complex, new or existing, we’ve got you covered.


An Expert Witness is someone who has extensive specialized knowledge in a technical subject. If you’re in need of some additional support, we can provide you with an unbiased review of the facts.


Construction Documents

e2 engineers prepares structural framing plans, details, and technical specifications for building projects. Traditional milestones include Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents, but we are also experienced with multi-phased projects and fast-tracked design.

Value Engineering

Early input by contractors, estimators, or construction managers, is highly valuable. When design and construction teams get together, we can better evaluate cost-conscious options. Value Engineering can be performed at any project milestone, with builder input.

Peer Review & ISER

Independent Structural Engineering Reviews (ISER), or Peer Reviews, are essential to the successful completion of complex or high-risk projects. We conduct third-party reviews of design criteria, structural layouts and detailing, and technical specifications to add another necessary layer of safety for the building’s end-users.


Permitting & Bidding Support

Before you start construction, you will need a building permit. You also may want to bid your project to qualified contractors. We can help by submitting Permit Drawings which adhere to the requirements of individual municipalities and states, and by reviewing contractor bids.

Specialty Engineering & Construction Support

Just because the drawings are done, it doesn’t mean you won’t still need your structural engineer. When a project is complex enough, additional support may be needed during construction. We can provide specialty design for foundation underpinning, temporary shoring, and Support of Excavations (SOE).

Construction Administration, Oversight, & Special Inspections

We continue to serve you by observing construction progress, reviewing contractor submittals, and identifying deviations from our drawings. Where Special Inspections are required by the Building Code, we can also review reports from your independent testing lab.