Our Structural Engineering Process

At e2 engineers, we pride ourselves in creating beautiful designs for a wide variety of structures and construction projects. Our team of structural building design engineers employs a comprehensive and efficient structural engineering process to ensure that your project is successful. The e2 engineers process has been perfected over the past five decades, so you can feel confident knowing that our building engineers in CT can help you bring your vision to life.


Can you start building today from these drawings?

At e2, we look at challenges differently than typical engineers. Drawings don’t always translate 100% to real world applications. With over 50 years of combined experience in various industries, we recognize patterns and obstacles quickly. Producing creative solutions while maintaining thoroughness, speed, and safety is what makes us e2.


Creative + Experience.  

With a unique blend of structural engineering experience and thinking differently, we often arrive at solutions quicker than competition. We tend to see potential issues way before they could become reality and have developed a trusted reputation with architects to enhance their creativity while maintaining practicality.


The bleeding edge.

We recognize and embrace the important role technology plays in today’s world and specifically our industry. We stay ahead of the curve and continuously improve and update our tools leading to better creative solutions.

Structural Engineering Process



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