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We believe that collaboration and communication are the foundation of every successful project. For this reason, our process includes tailoring our services to your project delivery method, selecting the best structural system for your building, and using the most effective technology for design and analysis.

Flexible Project Delivery

What works for one project may not work for every project, which is why e2 engineers believes in flexible project delivery. We are experienced with providing structural engineering services within the framework of various approaches, such as Design-Bid-Build (DBB), Design-Build (DB), and Construction Manager at Risk (CMR). Most importantly, we encourage early discussion with the Owner, Design, and Construction teams to determine the best approach for you.

Diverse Material Experience


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Wood systems accommodate project goals such as sustainability, aesthetics, or economy. Potential systems include dimensional lumber, heavy timber, engineered wood products, panelized framing, and mass timber.


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Tall, long, complex, and heavily loaded structures all benefit from the use of steel. Potential systems include structural steel and cold-formed metal framing.

Masonry & Concrete

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Brick and concrete masonry unit, cast-in-place concrete, and prestressed and post-tensioned concrete can all be durable and high-performing structural systems in a range of environments.


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Some structural systems don’t fit traditional categories. We also work with historic materials, aluminums and plastics, fiber-reinforced polymers (FRPs), structural insulated panels (SIPS), and structural glass.

Cutting edge technology

Technology is constantly advancing, so we expect and embrace changes to construction methods, materials, and software. We strive to work not just efficiently, but effectively, meaning using the right technology in the best way for your project.

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“GRADE and e2 collaborated on a new ground-up, single-family home located on a hilly and rocky site that required creative planning to achieve the client’s vision. Through the entire process, e2 provided critical structural feedback on design updates, prompt responses to submittals and queries, and accurate and complete drawings. e2 was able to seamlessly complement GRADE’s highly custom designs.”
New York